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Bodegas Toro Albala


Toro Albala Don PX Convento Seleccion 1955

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WA 98
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One more single-harvest, old sweet wine, the 1955 Don PX Convento Selección was bottled in September 2014 and it had been aged slowly in very old American oak barrels and getting thick and concentrated through evaporation. It`s 320 grams of sugar are (partially) compensated by 6.5 grams of acidity. It has a nose and palate of chocolate-covered candied orange, spices, molasses. I`d say the dominant aromas in the nose are dark chocolate. It`s very dense, developing notes of very concentrated licorice and balsamic, mint, camphor and evolving notes of petrol with time. Complex, rare and unique. 8,400 bottles.

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The Winery

Bodegas Toro Albala

Bodegas Toro Albala plays an important role in the history of sherry. Being the first producer to commercialize Pedro Ximenez as a single variety wine, the winery expanded drastically and quickly and now makes a range of high-end wines. It all began in the countryside of Cordoba, Spain in 1922 when a farmer by the name of Jose Maria Toro Albala began aging wines. Until the 1930s, Fino wines were the most popular among Andalusian workers at the local bars. The winery was located on what used to be a power plant and the workers would joke that the wine possessed electricity, giving the famous nickname “Electrico” to the fino wines. By the 1960s, winemaker and nephew of Jose, Antonio Sanchez, took over and began giving his own identity to the brand. With steady quality and a standard flavor profile, his specialties have become the aromatic amontillados and unrivaled Don Pedro Ximénez wines.

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