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First Growths

First Growths

The Bordeaux Classification of 1855 was a single decision that grew to be one of the most pivotal factors in wine history. Emperor Napoleon III decreed that the wines of the Left Bank of Bordeaux be ranked by importance through five divisions so that visitors of the first World’s Fair could differentiate between the finest wines.

They share a reigning title, although their wines are expressed individuality through the terroir and traditions of each of the five. The fiercely regulated productions of these bottles are met by an even greater market need which makes these bottles nearly impossible to acquire without a trusted source. With our provenance guaranteed, we have an impeccable inventory of the most exclusive, sought-after, famous First Growths.

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  • Latour 1.5L
    19821 In-Stock1.5L

  • Latour
    19821 In-Stock750ml

    $1,749.00$1,799.00You save $50.00
  • Latour
    19885 In-Stock750ml

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  • Latour
    19881 In-Stock750ml

    $515.00$529.00You save $14.00
  • Latour
    19901 In-Stock750ml

    $899.00$925.00You save $26.00

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