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Duemani Suisassi 2017 6 pack

1 Pre-Arrival 750ml
V 95
Original packaging available upon request
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The Winery


DueMani is two people: Elena Celli and Luca D'Attoma. Two different lives and experiences that happened upon each other, becoming, in fact, both creators and heartbeats of this microcosm. Elena was born and lives in Lucca. She studied marketing at Polimoda in Florence and worked in the fashion industry for many years. However after the meeting Luca, she understood that wine would now be her future. Luca was born in Borgo San Lorenzo, outside of Florence. A famous winemaker, he founded W.E.C.-(Wine Evolution Consulting),a winemaking and viticulture consulting company, through which he collaborates with wineries from various regions of Italy for the production of high quality wines. Together, Elena is the sales engine of the winery, while Luca is the enologist and "father" of the vineyards and wines. They had a dream to realize original and pure wines from the Tuscany Coast, where it was possible to cultivate according to nature and biodynamic principles. Thankfully, this dream is now their reality and every day it continues to reach new levels.

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