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Dow Vintage Port 2017 6 pack

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
V 98
Original packaging available upon request
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For over 200 years, Dow’s has been producing traditional style Port. Despite hardships such as war, disease, and economic downturn, the house continues to be associated with some of the finest vineyards in the Upper Douro Valley. It all started in 1798 when Portuguese merchant Bruno da Silva moved to London to import wine from his home country. In 1868, Bruno’s son, John, partnered with Frederick Cosens, George Acheson Warre, and, ultimately, Dow & Co., a highly regarded Port producer at the time, to become what is known today as Dow’s Vintage Port. >/p>

The house currently owns four distinct vineyards in the Upper Douro Valley that produce grapes that bring different characteristics to the Port blend. The Quinta do Bomfim is their vineyard that produces the highest quality fruit and gives the ports their backbone and structure. Although most of the winemaking process of Port is now made in a more modern fashion, a small portion uses the time-honored tradition of lagares or foot treading in shallow tanks. This can be seen as a metaphor that shows how even though Dow’s has evolved with the times; their value is in the rich history of one of the most significant port houses in the entire country.

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