The Only Corkscrew,
for Back-Vintage Wine

The Only Corkscrew for Back-Vintage Wine

Extracting the cork from a mature bottle of wine is often a delicate and sometimes maddening process. Most wine openers were designed for relatively young corks and don’t take into account the fragile nature of corks that have been in a bottle for fifteen or more years. The Durand is the only cork removal tool Benchmark recommends for back-vintage wines. No other tool is as efficient and adept at removing older corks in one piece with no mess. Benchmark uses The Durand exclusively when opening mature bottles for customer events and tastings.

How to use The Durand

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The Durand consists of two pieces- an old fashioned worm screw and an Ah-So. The screw is inserted all the way through the cork and the blades of the Ah-So are perpendicular to the screw going down the sides of the cork. Once the blades are in, the Ah-So and screw are locked together to where you can gradually pull turning the Durand counterclockwise until the cork comes out smoothly resulting in one piece.

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