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Wine Pro Picks

Welcome to Wine Pro Picks.

Welcome to Wine Pro Picks.

We are excited to be introducing our new Wine Pro Picks! Every month we will showcase a relatively small production, quality wine, meant for everyday enjoyment. Our team of wine professionals have hand-selected these delicious, unique gems that will not break the bank! To top it off, we have included our personal wine pairings (these are wines we have gotten to know well as they end up on our dinner table often). Keep a lookout for minimal intervention wines, grower Champagne, famous winemakers’ second labels, etc. 

Pierre Bise - $36

Savennieres is a rare find in the US market and it is absolute catnip for wine professionals thanks to its food friendly nature, rousing flavor profile, and ballet-light touch. With precious few producers making this stunning style, the Roussier family in Savennieres grows vivacious wine. Chateau Pierre-Bise delivers stunning poetry in a bottle for all to enjoy, and we fully intend to share that beauty.

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