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Though the story of any wine begins in the vineyard, each bottle travels a unique path. Freshly released or safely stored, the journey will leave a mark in each bottle. Wine is a difficult commodity to ship and store as it requires delicate handling, along with around the clock temperature and humidity control. While a portion of wine makes the journey unscathed and remains in pristine condition, a vast majority encounter blemishes along the way with the impacts ranging from superficial to chemically profound. Luckily, most flaws do not affect the integrity of the precious liquid inside. We thoroughly check every bottle that we bring in and, of course, backed by Benchmark's Provenance Guarantee. We know it is what’s on the inside that counts, and sometimes these bumps and bruises come with a lower price for you! 

Want to learn more about bottle conditions? Click here to read our blog detailing the different bottle conditions and what they mean.

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  • Ausone
    20031 In-Stock750ml

    $1,077.00$1,198.00You save $121.00
  • Ausone
    20051 In-Stock750ml

    $1,379.00$1,452.00You save $73.00

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