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Gargiulo Vineyards

3 Bottles Available 2018
8 Bottles Available 2017
12 Bottles Available 2016
7 Bottles Available 2015
6 Bottles Available 2013
16 Bottles Available 2011
13 Bottles Available 2010
6 Bottles Available 2009
3 Bottles Available 2006
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The Winery

Gargiulo Vineyards

Gargiulo Vineyards is a small family-owned winery located in the Oakville sub-region of California’s Napa Valley. The family dedicates themselves to smaller case productions of premium wines from their two best vineyards, Money Road Ranch and the 575 OVX, both located in Oakville. Opened since January 2007, the tasting room sits on a small knoll overlooking the vineyard for some of California’s most expensive wine, Screaming Eagle. Founded by longtime farmer Jeff Gargiulo, Gargiulo Vineyards is a showcase of Napa-style Bordeaux wines that are elegant with some fruit characteristics. Today, Jeff works with his wife, daughter, and son in law to continue to strive to make the most pure expressions of Oakville wines.

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