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Truly harmonious wines that are arguably the most highly desired out of St. Emilion. The Chateau Angelus family tree spans eight generations and is the result of the passion and commitment of the Bouard de Laforest family. This Bordelais estate is named after an ancient patch of vines in the center of the vineyard where workers could hear the Angelus (or church bells) ring simultaneously from three different churches in the countryside. The southerly exposed estate vineyards contain Merlot and Cabernet Franc- a considerable addition which adds to the brightness of the wines and makes them stylistically more contemporary. Chateau Angelus was promoted to Premier Grand Cur Classe status in 1996 and produces a second wine called Carillon de l’Angelus, of which only 1000 cases are produced annually. Robert Parker awarded the 2009 Chateau Angelus 99 points, and all of the wines appear frequently in the world’s most prestigious auction houses, including the 2012 Sothebys auction where the wines went for top dollar.

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