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Courbis, Domaine

6 Bottles Available 2016

Courbis Cornas Les Eygats 2016 6 pack

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
JD 96
Original packaging available upon request

Courbis St. Joseph 2016 12 pack

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
Original packaging available upon request
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The Winery

Domaine Courbis

Domaine Courbis’s story begins in the 16th century where the family established itself as the region’s most innovative and forward thinking winemaking group in the area. The domain owns 35 hectares of land in St-Joseph AOC as well as land in Cornas AOC. They make a wide selection of Rhone varietal blends from white to red. The family patriarch, Maurice, began the production house under the family’s name and today his sons, Laurent and Dominique, have expanded their father’s legacy. Their parcels are filled with complex mixes of soils from granite to limestone. Each vineyard trademarks the wines with floral fragrance and the delicacy that proves Domaine Courbis is one of Rhone’s finest producers.

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