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12 Bottles Available 2020

Belair Monange 2020

12 Pre-Arrival 750ml
V 95-97
6 Bottles Available 2017

Belair Monange 2017 6 pack

6 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WS 94
Original packaging available upon request
1 Bottle Available 2016

Belair Monange 2016

1 In-Stock 750ml
V 97
WA 97
6 Bottles Available 2015

Belair Monange 2015

6 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WA+ 98
6 Bottles Available 2014

Belair Monange 2014 6 pack

6 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WS 95
Original packaging available upon request
11 Bottles Available 2013

Belair Monange 2013

11 In-Stock 750ml
WE 94
24 Bottles Available 2012

Belair Monange 2012

24 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WA+ 95
V 95
To request a 6 pack OWC, please inquire.
6 Bottles Available 2011

Belair Monange 2011

6 In-Stock 750ml
WA+ 92
3 Bottles Available 2009

Belair Monange 2009

3 In-Stock 750ml
V 96
WA 94
WA+ 94
WE 94
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The Winery


Since 2012, Belair Monange has been made from three parcels on gravel, clay and limestone. It is that very intersection that yields one of the most distinctive wines in Saint-Emilion… Belair Monange increasingly gives the two established flagships in the Moueix family’s range (Trotanoy and La Fleur-Petrus) a run for their money.
– Antonio Galloni

As the next door neighbor of esteemed St. Emilion producer Château Ausone, Belair Monange is a winery located in the Right Bank of Bordeaux. The original vineyards are thought to have been planted in the mid-1700s, and the wines are Merlot-dominant blends with a significant amount of Cabernet Franc added. Interestingly enough, the winery was owned by the same family as Château Ausone for most of the 20th Century. At that same time it was managed by Pascal Delbeck, who was the head winemaker at Ausone, who sold it to the Moueix family in 2008. This was the same year that the winery launched their new label and rechristened name along with the first strong wine that was sold on the property in decades. .

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