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Verite La Joie 2015

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Verite La Muse 2015

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Verite Le Desir 2015

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Verite La Muse 2014

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Verite La Joie 2014

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Verite Le Desir 2014

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Verite Le Desir 2014 1.5L

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Verite La Muse 2013

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Verite Le Desir 2013

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Verite La Muse 2012

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Verite La Joie 2012

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Verite La Joie 2011

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Verite Le Desir 2010

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Verite Le Desir 2009

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Verite La Joie 2004

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6 Bottles Available 2002
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Verite La Joie 2002

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"The landscape of Sonoma County gives us more than 40 different soil types, and each reveals its special character through the vine. In French, we call this unique, insistent personality the droit du sol, or right of the soil. As vigneron, my goal is to craft wines that represent their origins - the truth of the soil - with great fidelity."
- Pierre Seillan, Proprietor

Vérité is dedicated to crafting Bordeaux-inspired blends that stand among the world's finest — and that express our Sonoma County terroir with beautiful transparency. To this end, Vigneron Pierre Seillan works closely with vineyard managers throughout the year, following the fruit from bud break to crush in order to intimately understand its personality and potential to contribute to our three wines.

In an historic moment, wine critic Robert Parker, Jr., of The Wine Advocate recently announced seven 100-point scores for Vérité’s three blends, Le Désir, La Joie and La Muse. This is the first time a Sonoma County winery has received this many perfect scores.

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