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“Making wine is not only magical; it challenges you in every way. It’s a huge leap of faith. You take a piece of land, you nurture it, you make the best you can, and you really don’t know whether that site is truly magical or can produce great wine until 8 to 10 years have passed. They’re living things and they’re changing, as we change. The wines I’m making right now, I’m assuming a good number of them are going to outlive me. I’ve been doing this close to 40 years now and I’d like to think that I’ve learned something every time I’ve gone into that classroom. It gives us pause. It gives us reflection. It extends a meal, extends time together. Water separates the continents, wine brings them together.”
– Tor Kenward, Proprietor

After 26 years at Beringer Vineyards, Tor Kenward retired and opened his own Cabernet Sauvignon-based winery in St. Helena. Tor and his wife, Susan, draw on their extensive knowledge of the best vineyards in the Napa Valley as well as the long-standing relationships that they have had with their owners. With production being only around 5,000 cases, Tor focuses on creating wines that showcase what each famed vineyard has to offer while making blends that will continue to build the Napa Valley reputation.

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