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Bellevue Mondotte

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2017

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2015

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2012

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2010

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2008

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2007

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2005

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Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2005 3L

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3 Bottles Available 2003

Bellevue Mondotte Saint Emilion 2003

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The Winery

Bellevue Mondotte

Undeniably massive and over-sized, but perfectly balanced, it is made for those looking for something to put away for 30-50+ years. One has to admire a proprietor who is making a wine for the history books, not for near-term gratification… This tiny jewel in the empire of entrepreneur and quality conscious Bordeaux visionary, Gerard Perse.
–Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Although Château Bellevue Mondotte has a long history in Saint Emilion, its only began receiving significant praise until it was purchased by Gerard Perse in 2001. Although the vineyard for the chateau may be small, it is in close proximity to several other Saint Emilion estates owned by Perse such as Château Pavie, Château Pavie Decesse, and Château Monbousquet. Because of their location on the Right Bank, Bellevue’s limestone and clay soil vineyards are planted to 90% Merlot. The vineyard is located at the top of a plateau where it is southward facing to the Dordogne River valley resulting in the stunning levels of concentrated and velvety mouth feel in the finished product of the wine. Bellevue’s single Grand Vin is powerful and balanced, and produced with some of the ripest possible fruit. With that being said, they produce very low yields making the final product highly treasured and collected.

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