Pre-Arrival Imported Wines

Let It Lay Program

Holiday Favs

Even though US tariffs are still in place on these wines, we are now offering a new program that allows you to purchase and store your order in Europe until tariffs are relaxed. You can buy now, and when tariffs are lifted, we will import the wines for safe delivery to you. Until then, your orders will be stored in Europe at no additional charge through the end of 2021.*

Please read before purchasing: Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

*After Dec 31st 2021, monthly storage fees of $5/month per unit (1 pack, 3 pack, 6 pack, or 12 pack) will automatically be charged to the customer. Customers who wish to have their order imported immediately may request a custom expedited shipping estimate, subject to vessel availability. Upon importation to the US, tariff, tax, and transport costs will apply. Payment is required at time of order, no cancellations. In the event that Benchmark Wine Group faces no other reasonable option but to import the wines while tariffs are still in place, the tariff costs will be charged to the customer.

Subject to final confirmation. Pre-Arrival - ships after tariffs are lifted.