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Morra, Diego


Diego Morra Barolo Monvigliero 2017 6 pack

1 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WE 90
Original packaging available upon request
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The Winery

Diego Morra

For Diego Morra, passion for the earth and for winemaking isn’t enough. To these values, the winery has added courage, the commitment to growing the right grape in the right place, and an insatiable thirst for self-reflection and improvement. These elements allow the winery to stay dedicated to tradition and vocation, to family and pride of product, and to being—most importantly—relentlessly self-critical constantly seeking ways to improve. They pay close attention to detail and have chosen to only expand their property in the most prestigious zones. The hills of the Langhe have been the home of the family for generations. and it is in these hills where Diego and Francesca Morra place their trust. Farming is based on the principles of “integrated struggle” that guide them in their relationship with the territory and its ecosystems, all in an attempt to preserve biodiversity and balance in the vineyards and the wines. No herbicide, no pesticide, and real, sincere farming throughout.

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