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In 2008, William and Nancy Kimsey established a small, 22-acre vineyard in the Ballard Canyon appellation of Santa Barbara County. The development of this vineyard was a purposeful one. Devotees of pleasurable, cerebral wines, Bill and Nancy had long searched for a site amenable to growing grape varieties they found most compelling, namely several found in the Rhone region of France; syrah, grenache, viognier, and roussanne. The property’s unique soils and remarkable climate is stewarded into greatness thanks to the dynamic relationship between winemaker Matt Dees and winegrower Ruben Solarzano. Winemaker Matt Dees achieved local legend status thanks to his dedication to winemaking as a statement of place. A soil lover by birth and a plant scientist by training, Dees spent his formative years in winemaking, tending vines in the frigid reaches of Vermont. From the east coast to Australia’s down under, round the way to California’s hallowed hills, Dees breaths vivid life into each bottle. Ruben Solorzano is the youngest of 11 children and was born near the town of Cocula, Jalisco, not far from Guadalajara. Referred to as "The Grape Whisperer" for his almost supernatural understanding of wine growing and has operated as one of the founding fathers of Santa Barbara viticulture.

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