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Herb Lamb Vineyard

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Herb Lamb Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon HL 2010

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13 Bottles Available 2008

Herb Lamb Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon HL 2008

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The Winery

Herb Lamb Vineyard

Herb and Jennifer Lamb never intended to be winemakers. When they purchased their tiny 7.5-acre Napa property in 1987, their goal was simply to farm and sell the 5-acres of Cabernet Sauvignon they had planted. And for ten years, that they did exceedingly well, providing their sought-after grapes to vintner Ann Colgin, whose Herb Lamb Vineyard bottlings sell for up to $400 per bottle at auction.

The high-caliber continuity of the Herb Lamb Vineyard and the quality of its fruit is unquestioned, as evidenced by celebrated vintner Thomas Rivers Brown’s current patronage; he sources Herb Lamb Vineyard grapes for his Rivers Marie wines. But despite her desire to share the vineyard wealth, the majority of Jennifer’s grapes are now reserved for her HL label and companion label Two Old Dogs, the small quantities of which are sold primarily to fans who comprise the winery’s mailing list of 1000. Jennifer spends a fair amount of time traveling the country and sharing the HL name via private events. A St. Helena tasting room is open by appointment only, where, if timed right, lucky guests might enjoy HL library tastings. Jennifer recently delved into her stash. “I’ve got tiny amounts of wines dating to 2008.

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