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Champagne house Deutz (formally known as Deutz & Geldermann) was founded in 1838 by William Deutz and Pierre-Hubert Geldermann in Ay, France. The brand was acquired by Louis Roderer in 1983 which allowed the houses integrity to remain the same but gave a much needed infusion of capital to update equipment and make necessary changes to modernize the winery. In the early 1990’s the brand partnered with Beringer Wine Estates to open Maison Deutz, a California sparkling wine house which was sold in 1990. Today, the French Champagne producer makes a range of sparkling wines but it’s tete de cuvees are Amour de Deutz Brut and Cuvee William Deutz that Wine Enthusiast calls “Poised, Stylish, and Elegant”.

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